Caffe Classico Chalk Art

Working on a few new chalk event announcements this week – this one for Gareth Jones Flamenco Guitar performances at Caffe Classico  (one of my favorite Louisville spots). . .



Oh Baby Children’s Boutique

I’m so excited for this mention of my work and the Tumalo Apparel baby + kids’ line in Insider Louisville’s article yesterday on the grand opening of Oh Baby Boutique! I’m so happy to announce that clothing and accessories from the Tumalo Children’s collection will be carried in this adorable boutique – stay tuned for their grand opening later this month!




This is a new series I’ve started inspired by migratory patterns of the soul. This flourished out of the healing process of losing my dear mother. She was an avid quilter, a maker of beautiful things. For the past couple years I’ve been captivated by her many books of quilts and patterns. I’ve begun to incorporate my favorite of these patterns with paint on salvaged wood, wire-brushing and staining them, and then doing what I know best – forging metal and enameling – butterflies to embellish the patterns. This series is somewhat an extension of the “Meditation on Loss” series, reflecting on the flight the soul takes through life and rebirth. . . in any way you believe that to be. . .



Sadie Star” and “Cynthiana

IMG_9738 cynthiana2

Meditations on Loss

A new series of paintings is in the works! This one is inspired by the loss of two of the most important people in my life and the subsequent birth of my son – the circle of life and loss. Here’s an excerpt from an essay I wrote on the subject:

“This series explores life and loss with a reliance on symbols to represent the soul. Looking at loss through this form of naturalism transforms grief into remembrance in a way that exults the person lost by giving life in another form, carrying on the soul through the spirit animals and objects depicted in the paintings.”






More to come soon. . .


An Epic First Birthday Brunch

I illustrated some of Marcus’s favorite animals for these party “paper dolls”, held up with birch discs and added enamel stars I fired last weekend. Martin and I transformed the illustrations into wrapping paper (and later stationery) for the party favor gift wrap. . .





And finally, little Marcus Aurelius with his birthday laurel crown I made him from brass (he actually kept it on all day!). . .


Thank you friends and family for making it the perfect day!