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Anthropologie Autumn Harvest Garland

Exciting news! My Autumn Harvest Garland is now available at Anthropologie!


This lovely garland is created from various natural discoveries found deep within the woods of the Olmstead Park chain in Kentucky, combined with hand-forged metal elements. It’s a beautiful addition to your favorite room decor (It’s perfect for a Thanksgiving dining room), adding a charming touch of nature-inspired wonder, swagged above a fireplace or draped in an archway. More specifics here.

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I’m so excited to announce that you can now find Tumalo Apparel baby and kids’ goods at Scoutmob! It’s been so hard to keep this under wraps as I’ve been working on this partnership! They carry the work of so many amazing artists, and I’m honored to now be featured among them!

scoutmob cover2


This is a new series I’ve started inspired by migratory patterns of the soul. This flourished out of the healing process of losing my mother. She was an avid quilter, a maker of beautiful things. For the past couple years I’ve been captivated by her many books of quilts and patterns. I’ve begun to incorporate my favorite of these patterns with paint on salvaged wood, wire-brush distressing and staining them, and then doing what I know best – forging metal and enameling – butterflies to embellish the patterns. This series is somewhat an extension of the “Meditation on Loss” series, reflecting on the flight the soul takes through life and rebirth. . . in any way you believe that to be. . .



Sadie Star” and “Cynthiana

IMG_9738 cynthiana2